The University of Texas Libraries 2020 Year in Review

student wearing a protective mask sitting in a school booth

The past year was not what anyone expected, but instead of acceding to the challenges that faced the University of Texas Libraries, we embraced them as an opportunity to show our mettle. 2019 ended auspiciously enough, with major gifts from supportive donors, and notable grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Mellon Foundation. We also bolstered work to materialize the library as platform, an ambitious plan to move beyond the traditional position of being primarily a storehouse for books and information, and into a space where we play an active role in the production of innovation and the expansion of new understanding of our world. When confronted with crises beyond our control that demanded agility in response, our staff and leaders brought the full force of their skills, knowledge, talent and fortitude to bear and produced exceptional solutions to problems we never imagined.

Here's the year in review.



manuel da silva baniwa shaman instructing robin wright on the traditions
UT Libraries workers during the pandemic
Dennis Trombatore
collage of benson collection materials
Miguel Ángel Asturias
Mupi Bordados
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computer screen image of a library repository
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Library work area with green wall and computer stations
Person at a desk looking at a computer
Geodata Portal
Dennis Trombatore
Library Reading Room
AILLA document with icons for buildings