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The UFCU Room, which includes STEM Learning Spaces, the STEM Study Area and the UT Poetry Center, is normally available as study space and occasionally used for events. The use policy and request form are available here

Recurring Events in the UFCU Room

Students in a conversation at a table


The Mathematics Department is offering students enrolled in university calculus courses the chance to receive help and work with classmates in a room that's open five days a week for the afternoon and evening. The lab will be staffed by current mathematics graduate students (including your calculus TA), as well as advanced undergraduate learning assistants.

Spaces in the UFCU

Space Description
PCL Exhibits

Perry Castañeda Library
exhibition of book materials in a glass case
Second Floor

Exhibit Guidelines | Exhibit Proposal Form | Past Exhibits

Exhibits in the PCL provide an excellent opportunity for the Libraries to engage in collaborative and interdisciplinary projects, especially with graduate students, faculty members and others in the University community. These exhibits enable collaborators to share, inform, educate, and promote UT Libraries' collections and services). Exhibits have a permanent presence in our online repository, Texas ScholarWorks.

The goals of the Exhibits in the PCL are to: 

  • Infuse concepts of community, connection, equity and accessibility
  • Promote the diverse holdings and scholarly value of specific Library collections
  • Promote the role of the Libraries, its collections, resources, services, and staff as central to the research and teaching programs of the University
  • Encourage individuals from the University community to collaborate with the Libraries to showcase research and scholarship
  • Support university events, programs, symposia, activities, and accomplishments
  • Promote University and community relations

If you have an exhibit to suggest for the Scholars Commons @PCL, please take a look at our in-depth Exhibits Guidelines before you fill out our Exhibit Proposal Form. You will be contacted by the Exhibits Advisory Committee, but you may email us with questions. 

Exhibition Space
STEM Learning Spaces

Perry Castañeda Library
three students in conversation around a table
Second Floor

The four STEM Learning Spaces, which each seat 8-12 people, are booked by partners in the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) and Engineering for tutoring in specific STEM classes. When they are not booked, they are open for individual or collaborative study by any student. Each space features large whiteboards and moveable furniture.

Study Space
STEM Study Area

Perry Castañeda Library
row of orange lobby chairs and white tables
Second Floor

Study area open to all students, including those in STEM courses.

Study Space
UT Poetry Center

Perry Castañeda Library
bookshelf filled with poetry books
Second Floor

The UT Poetry Center, home to the Ruth Stephan Poetry Collection, is a diverse collection of poetry unique to the University of Texas Libraries. The center is located on the entry level of the Perry-Castañeda Library in the UFCU room.

The Ruth Stephan Collection is more than 50 years old and promotes the reading of poetry for enjoyment and edification. The collection also supports poets from the university and the greater Austin community, and it serves as a record of small press publishing in Austin. Some of the collection’s chapbooks, no longer in print, are not found at any other library! The collection is meant to be enjoyed by all, including the greater Austin and Texas communities. Therefore, the books do not circulate and are intended to be available for anyone looking for inspiration.

Ruth Stephan's intention in creating the collection was to "maintain and cherish the spirit of poetry and to recognize that poetry is the art of poets, not of critics."  It is our sincere hope that the UT Poetry Center serves as a place for all writers and readers of poetry in Austin and beyond.

Visit the UT Poetry Center research guide for recommended books and to learn more about the collection.

Common Area, Exhibition Space

Perry-Castañeda Library


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