The Foundry

three students interacting at the Fine Arts Library foundry

The Foundry at the Fine Arts Library

The Foundry is a makerspace that is located in the Fine Arts Library on the 3rd floor of the E. William Doty Fine Arts Building. It provides access to tools and space in support of creative projects and is open to all university students, faculty and staff. Patrons can be trained to use a laser cutter, 3D printers, sewing and embroidery machines, mills, and other creative equipment. The Foundry also features a video wall and a recording studio.

The image is view of the Video Wall from a Foundry maker station. In the foreground are different projects.

Get Certified to use our Equipment

Join our Canvas Course to learn about the equipment and services we provide. Some equipment requires certification, and other equipment is available on a walk-up basis.

Student engaged in virtual reality gestures

Faculty: Request the Foundry for your course

Request use of the Foundry for teaching, course related work, workshops, or other activities.

Spaces in the Foundry

Space Description
Foundry Mac Pro Workstations

computer station with macs and large monitors
Fine Arts Library
Third Floor

4 Mac studio Apple M1 Max 32 GB and 2 Mac Mini Apple M2 Pros 32 GB, each with two 27" screens with software for video and audio post-production, 3D modeling, and Adobe Creative Cloud. Uses: Gaming, film, multimedia production.”

Computer Stations
Foundry Makerspace

Variety of 3-D printers on a row of desks
Fine Arts Library
Third Floor

Space with 3D printers, mills, a laser cutter, a large format printer, and a fiber arts lab with embroidery and sewing machines.

Foundry Video Wall

Gathering of individuals in front of a large wall-sized video screen
Fine Arts Library
Third Floor

This state of the art video wall is intended for special projects, demonstrations, and presentations. Seating room limit of 70 chairs. To reserve contact Teri Lloyd,

Makerspace, Presentation Space
Recording Studio

two people working on a project in the FAL recording studio
Fine Arts Library
Third Floor

Recording studio with soundproof room.


Equipment at the Foundry

A listing of equipment for checkout is currently unavailable online. Please visit or call a Libraries service desk to inquire about availability.

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