Archive & Notable Collection

Nancy Kwallek collection

Nancy Kwallek is an interior designer and scholar known for her work with color theory and the history of interior design, and for her development of interior design programs across the United States. The collection contains papers, drawings, and lantern slides created while serving as director of the interior design program at the University of Texas at Austin and includes materials from the 1920s through the 2000s. Record types include notes, drawings, clippings, reports, and lantern slides.

Ford, Powell & Carson collection

Ford, Powell & Carson is an architecture, urban planning, and historic preservation firm based in San Antonio, Texas. This collection contains project files, office records, and drawings related to work undertaken by the firm since 1967, as well as some material from the firm’s predecessor, O’Neil Ford & Associates before 1967. Record types include architectural drawings, project files, sketches, reports, master plans, office records, audiovisual material, and publications.



Boone Powell collection

Boone Powell (1933-) is a prominent architect and urban planner based in San Antonio, Texas. The collection contains Powell's personal and professional papers created or collected between 1960 and his retirement in 2015. The collection also contains digital recordings and transcripts of a series of oral history interviews that Powell participated in throughout 2018 and 2019. Record types include oral history interviews, personal correspondence, professional office records, architectural drawings, sketches, and audiovisual material.


Mardith Schuetz-Miller collection

Mardith Schuetz-Miller (1929-) is an anthropologist and historian known for her work on Spanish colonial sites in Texas, Arizona, and Guam. The collection contains papers and drawings created while publishing works between the 1980s and 2010s. Record types include notes, drafts, reference materials, correspondence, and drawings.

South Asian Popular and Pulp Fiction Collection

The UT Libraries are developing a collection of popular and pulp fiction in the regional languages of South Asia. These novels, novellas and serialized stories help us challenge what qualifies as “worthy” both in terms of style and substance while also providing a unique lens through which themes of gender, sexuality, caste & religion, authority can be explored.  Beyond literary content, the graphic covers are also of great interest.

Cobet Collection

The years 1945-1950 were formative in modern German history as the search for a new political, social, and cultural value system began. In the period immediately following the end of World War II, an entire nation looked inward, questioning, searching the collective memory and conscience, and probing the societal soul. Germany in 1945 entered into an extraordinary period of intellectual ferment that was to continue for the next six years.

Ruth Stephan Poetry Collection at the UT Poetry Center

The Ruth Stephan Poetry Collection was founded in 1965 to promote the reading of poetry for enjoyment and edification. The UT Libraries Poetry Center, which includes the Ruth Stephan Collection, seeks to gather representative works of renowned contemporary poets of the U.S. and international poets in conversation with the U.S. The collection’s unique identity arises from its focus on the work of local poets and of independent publishers, including rare chapbooks and small-run publications.

Titles are added to the collection based on the following criteria: