UFCU Student Learning Commons Room Reservation Policy

Reservation Requests by non-University of Texas Libraries Departments


The UFCU Room, a service and space of the University of Texas Libraries (UTL), is primarily intended to be a learning and study space for UT students, faculty and staff. 


Events are considered on a case-by-case basis in light of the time of the semester and number of existing reservations.  Approval of all reservations is at the discretion of the University of Texas Libraries administration.

  • Who is eligible to request an event reservation?
  • What events are eligible?
    • receptions, lectures, presentations, orientation sessions, and similar events directly related to the mission of the University
    • Libraries-sponsored events will be given priority. 
  • When can events be held?
    • 5:00pm to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays on dates when the Perry-Castañeda Library is scheduled to be open during these hours.
    • The room may not be reserved during or directly before university final exams and may not be available during other high use time periods.
  • What are occupancy requirements?
    • A planned minimum of 25 people attending an event is required.
    • Maximum occupancy is 200
  • May we charge admission or make sales?
    • No admissions fee may be charged or solicited. No donations of money or other property may be solicited or collected, and no sales may be made during an event.

Room Access

The UFCU Room may be booked so that it is fully closed to other uses, or so that it remains open for study during the event.  Presentations, panels and lectures are usually booked with the room remaining open.  When making your request, consider the following:

  • The UFCU Room houses a collection of poetry.  When the room is fully closed, Libraries staff may page books from the poetry collection for users.
  • Regularly scheduled group tutoring sessions are held in spaces in the south side of the UFCU Room.  If the room is fully closed, the Libraries will attempt to move those sessions to another space.  If the room remains open during an event, the sessions are held there.
  • In order to maximize use of the space for student study and learning, the Libraries generally only fully closes the room 1-2 times per semester.

Technology and Technical Support

Provision of all technology, and technical support, is the responsibility of the requester.  Sound amplification is permitted but must not disrupt the use of the library by others in adjoining spaces.

Food and Drink

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted at reserved events. Normal catering preparation is permitted, but cooking is prohibited. All catering arrangements are to be made by the requestor through University approved catering services. 
Set up, Break Down and Custodial Services

The requestor is responsible for all set up and break down in the room.  After the event, the requestor is responsible for cleaning the room and returning furniture to its original location within the reservation time period. Trash must be placed in appropriate receptacles. Failure to clean and arrange the room may result in the inability to reserve the space in the future.


The Libraries requires that Libraries branding be included on all event flyers, posters, digital handouts, and promotional material. Libraries staff will coordinate branding efforts with the sponsoring entity.

Requester Responsibilities

Approval is provided via email.  A representative of the group reserving the room must be present at all times during the event and be able to produce the email approval at any time during the event.

A representative of the UT Libraries must be allowed to be in or nearby the UFCU Room for the duration of the event.

If the room reservation is no longer needed, the requester must notify the Libraries as quickly as possible.

The requester will take reasonable steps to ensure compliance by attendees with all University and Libraries policies and regulations. 

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