Federal Depository Library Materials Access Policy

  1. The University of Texas Libraries offers the public free access to materials obtained through the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). As a participant in FDLP, the University of Texas Libraries follows the principle of free access governing use of depository materials as provided for in the Depository Library Act Of 1962 and as stated in Chapter 19 of Title 44, United States Code.
  2. Public access to online FDLP information is free of charge and equal to that offered for access to other information.
  3. The use of computers to access electronic formats is defined in the Computer, Software And Network Use Policy. The University of Texas Libraries does not use filtering software on any of its workstations.
  4. Public (non-UT) users may access online FDLP information after obtaining an EID (identification for logging in) at the Borrower Services office. In accordance with the above mentioned Computer, Software And Network Use Policy, a photo ID is required to obtain an EID.
  5. Circulation of FDLP materials in all formats is in accordance with the University of Texas Libraries Lending and Use Code (Policies and Guidelines #38). 
  6. Research assistance for public users of FDLP information is equal to such services offered to other users and for other information.
  7. In accordance with University of Texas Libraries policies, users are charged a per page fee for printing or photocopying. If downloading is required, users must provide their own storage media. These policies are equal to University of Texas Libraries policies for other information access