Course-integrated Library Instruction Policy

Course-integrated Library Instruction Policy

Overview of Services:

The University of Texas Libraries supports the development of information literacy skills for UT students with these instructional services:

  • instruction sessions
  • research assignment and course design consultations with faculty
  • research guides and tutorials
  • incorporation of digital projects and tools into courses

Library staff members offer these instructional services in-person, online, synchronously, and asynchronously in order to best meet the learning outcomes of the course.

Tours of library locations and instruction for non-UT groups fall outside the scope of this policy. To request any of these, contact staff at the library location you are interested in visiting. See:


Approaches and Philosophy 

Librarian-Faculty Partnership

Library staff members are experts in teaching information literacy skills. We partner with faculty to support students to become great researchers at UT. As faculty, you can expect us to collaborate with you to choose the best timing and content for sessions in order to meet information literacy and course learning outcomes. We will also incorporate active learning and student learning assessment whenever possible. Because Information literacy skills are developed throughout a student's career at UT, and one visit to the library is never enough, we encourage faculty to integrate research skills throughout the semester and to encourage their students to take advantage of our services. We can work with faculty outside of the instruction session to devise further support.


Inclusive Classrooms

Library staff members foster an inclusive classroom environment to ensure that all of our students are respected, safe and supported in their learning. We rely on faculty to support this inclusive environment during library instruction.


Library staff members create accessible instruction. In addition to providing specific accommodations for students by request, we strive to incorporate Universal Design for Learning (UDL) into our instruction to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn in the way that best suits them.

Critical Information Literacy

Library staff members approach instruction through the lens of critical information literacy. Critical information literacy prioritizes active learning that asks students to interrogate structures of authority so that they progress from information consumers to knowledge creators.


Library staff members may decline to teach sessions if necessary. Reasons we may decline include:

A lack of information literacy learning outcomes for the course,

No appropriate timing of the session cannot be negotiated,

The faculty member or TA cannot attend the session,

The library staff member requested technology or teaching space that is unavailable.

Request instruction services:

Faculty may request instruction services by contacting their liaison librarian or UGS librarian, or completing the request form. Instruction service requests will be prioritized when 

  • requests are made at least two weeks in advance and include course syllabi, assignments, and information about any accommodations needed at the time of the request.
  • the faculty member or TA can attend 

August 2021