Alexander Architectural Archives Use Guidelines

The Alexander Architectural Archives is committed to providing open and equitable access to its collections. Guidelines governing access, copy work, and publication are established to balance your needs as a researcher with the rights of copyright holders and our stewardship of the records. As the researcher, you assume full responsibility for conforming to the laws of libel and copyright.

Access- We are open to serious scholarship through scheduled appointments. Records are available subject to restrictions related to embargos placed by donors or depositors, or for preservation, processing or other essential purposes. When you visit, you will be asked to complete a Guest Registration form, providing information about the subject, scope and purpose of your research and agreement to copyright and privacy laws.

Copy work- All requests for copies must comply with copyright law and our Copy Work Policy. Fees are charged for production, preservation and billing. The author, heir or executor retains copyright unless those rights are legally conveyed to The University of Texas or are in the public domain. Before copies are made, you must complete an Authorization Form for Copyright Release, signed by the copyright holder. If after reasonable inquiry you cannot locate the copyright holder, and no heirs or executor can be traced, you may indemnify the University of Texas by filling out an Indemnification by Requestor form.

Publication- If you wish to publish or broadcast from our collections, you must submit a Notification of Intent to Quote From or Publish form. Citation credits and gratis copies of publications are required when publishing from the Alexander Architectural Archives.

Indemnification- You are asked to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Alexander Architectural Archives, The University of Texas Libraries, and The University of Texas at Austin, its officers, employees, and agents against all claims, demands, costs, and expenses including attorneys’ fees incurred by copyright infringement or any other legal or regulatory cause of action arising from the use of the Alexander Architectural Archives.

All forms are available upon request from the Alexander Architectural Archives via email at