2024 Affordable Education Champions Announced

award graphic. photos of recipients on orange field with geometric pattern and award title.

The University of Texas Libraries, in collaboration with the Senate of College Councils and the Natural Sciences Council, has announced its selection of three distinguished educators as Affordable Education Champions for the year 2024. The honored faculty are Dr. Michael Aubrey, Dr. Jose Alvarado, and Dr. Emily Que.

These Affordable Education Champions are recognized for their outstanding commitment to providing accessible learning materials to students. By assigning free or low-cost resources such as textbooks, websites, films, and other supplementary materials, they actively work to mitigate financial barriers to education. Some of these educators even create their own materials, while others utilize existing resources available at minimal or no cost. This dedication to reducing financial burdens exemplifies a commitment to ensuring high-quality education remains accessible to all students, regardless of socioeconomic background.

The award not only acknowledges the efforts of these faculty members but also celebrates their role as leaders in promoting affordable education initiatives on campus. 

The Libraries, in partnership with the Senate of College Councils and the Natural Sciences Council, extends its gratitude to Dr. Aubrey, Dr. Alvarado, and Dr. Que for their commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable learning environment. Their efforts exemplify the university's commitment to supporting students' academic success while alleviating financial strain.