Nilsson Fellowship

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Nilsson Fellowship

The University of Texas Libraries recognizes and rewards the dedication and hard work of its graduate student employees by offering the Nilsson Fellowship. The Nilsson Fellowship is awarded to a graduate student employee for fall semester and to another graduate student employee for the spring semester. This scholarship has been made possible by the generosity of David O. Nilsson. Dr. Nilsson is a retired special instructor in mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin and received all of his academic degrees (B.A., M.A. and Ph.D.) at the University. Since his “retirement,” he continues an active life in Austin as an accountant and high school tutor, and spends many hours each week working on various research projects in the Perry Castañeda and Fine Arts Libraries on the University of Texas at Austin campus, where he also enjoys interacting with students pursuing their studies.

Award Recipients


Chad Garret

Virginia Barnes

Nicole Marino & Gina Watts

David Bliss