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Future of the Fine Arts Library

Update: April 6, 2018

UT Provost Maurie McInnis, following a review of the Fine Arts Library Task Force Report and recommendations by Dean Dempster and Vice Provost Lorraine Haricombe, has accepted their recommendations for the future of the Fine Arts Library. Below, read her comments and summarization of next steps.

Response from UT Provost Maurie McInnis (April 6, 2018)

Report of the Fine Arts Library Task Force (April 2, 2018)

Report of the School of Design and Creative Technologies Space Planning Task Force (April 4, 2018)

Recommendations on the Fine Arts Library from Dean Dempster and Vice Provost Haricombe (April 4, 2018)



Two working groups were formed to explore and address the future of spaces in the Fine Arts Library in Doty Fine Arts Building (DFA).

The first, under the leadership of the UT Libraries, was asked to explore and evaluate the alternatives to having the Fine Arts collection on the fifth floor of DFA—in part or whole—and explore the drawbacks and advantages of those alternatives.

The second considered a) what facilities our new programs need and b) what spaces in the College of Fine Arts, throughout all our buildings and facilities in every department and school, could accommodate these expanding programs. All current spaces throughout the College of Fine Arts facilities are being considered, including the Doty Fine Arts Building.


Fine Arts Library Task Force Members

Wendy Martin, Assistant Director of Stewardship, UT Libraries (chair)

Christian Clark, Junior, Butler School of Music

Katie Pierce Meyer, Humanities Liaison Librarian for Architecture and Planning

Becca Pad, Humanities Liaison Librarian for Fine Arts

Stephen Page, Assistant Professor of Saxophone, Butler School of Music

Glenn Peers, Professor of Art History, Department of Art and Art History

Eric Vera, Graduate Student and Assistant Instructor, Theatre and Dance

Amber Welch, Head, Technology Enhanced Learning, UT Libraries


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